| Hear from our members.

Vickie L. Novak

Participation in LIRA gives Illinois libraries an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a collaborative endeavor that has the potential to affect significant cost savings over time. The strength of group participation enables Gallagher to leverage more comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. In these challenging economic times when libraries face fierce competition for tax dollars and other fiscal struggles, it is a tremendous benefit.

Library Director

Glenview Public Library

"We are excited to be part of the LIRA program.  The transition has been very smooth and the service we have received has been outstanding.  We are very happy with the savings this program has afforded us."

Ellen Bacarella


Business Manager

Eisenhower Public

Library District

"LIRA allows libraries to work together for the benefit of each member in cost savings and enhanced insurance coverages."

Julie Milavec

Library Director

Downers Grove Public Library

Tina Hubert

Because of my association with LIRA, I am a more sophisticated professional and steward for the library and community.  I've learned more than I had in almost 30 years of working in libraries about safeguarding community assets as a direct result of my involvement with LIRA.  I'm grateful to be an original participant in this valuable undertaking.  Hopefully, additional Illinois libraries will come to understand LIRA is more than insurance; it's a community pulling for each other, contributing to a greater good, and ensuring all are stronger, safer, smarter, and better as a result.

Executive Director

Six Mile Regional Library District

"Like many libraries, our rates have been going up each year, even with no claims.  We have seen significant savings by joining the LIRA pool.  In addition, we’ve already had to submit our first claim, and it was handled quickly and smoothly.  I hope more libraries join the pool to further our purchasing power."

Jeannie Dilger

Library Director

Palatine Public Library

LIRA is super quick responding to claims. The extreme cold caused one of our large, front windows to crack, and LIRA claims staff had payment approved and processed in no time! Additionally, with the complimentary safety walk -throughs and All Staff training sessions, I feel like LIRA is a partner in the success of the Fox River Valley Libraries.

Lauren Rosenthal

Deputy Director

Fox River Valley Public Library

Being a member of LIRA I feel as if I am a partner instead of being a client. Whenever I have  questions the LIRA team responds with a knowledgeable, thorough answer. I am also very happy with LIRA's carrier partners. I have a long and complicated workers compensation claim and they have been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend LIRA to any library that wants a partner for their insurance needs, with excellent coverage at a competitive cost.

Kathy Parker

Library Director

Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District

Expert advice through LIRA makes our library a better and safer place for our patrons and our staff.

Paul Mills

Executive Director

Fountaindale Public Library District

| Library Insurance Pool.
Libraries of Illinois Risk Agency (LIRA) serves its Illinois member libraries through a unified cooperative that offers relevant value-added services; proven leadership and management; and exceptional insurance providers who offer comprehensive, fiscally responsible property, casualty, and workers compensation insurance.
Sleep well at night knowing you have the best library insurance available in the marketplace. Coverage and limits will continue to increase as the program grows and continues to leverage its purchasing power.
Through the power of group purchasing, LIRA members often see significant premium savings as well as more competitive deductibles.
Along with upfront savings and improved coverage, LIRA members are eligible for a return of surplus (carrier profit) which is distributed back to the members of LIRA in good performing years.
The LIRA program discloses every cost down to the penny. This transparency provides the membership with the comfort to know that they are getting what they deserve for their money.
LIRA is owned and operated by its members, comprised of Illinois libraries. Members make decisions that are in the best interest of the libraries.
Annual on-site visits combined with unlimited online loss control offered to every member library.  Anonymous results are bench-marked and shared with the entire LIRA membership to identify continuous improvement opportunities.
LIRA provides its members with preferred vendor partnerships at a pre-negotiated price for a variety of products including building appraisals and background checks.