| Library Insurance Pool.
Libraries of Illinois Risk Agency (LIRA) will endeavor to serve its Illinois library’s membership through a unified cooperative that offers proven leadership; proficient management; and exceptional insurance providers who offer comprehensive, fiscally responsible insurance and workers compensation coverage.
• Savings over conventional insurance programs
• Broader coverage and increased limits
• More control over claims
• Premium stability
• Potential return of surplus
| Hear from our members.
"LIRA allows libraries to work together for the benefit of each member in cost savings and enhanced insurance coverages."

Julie Milavec

Library Director

Plainfield Public Library

"We are excited to be part of the LIRA program.  The transition has been very smooth and the service we have received has been outstanding.  We are very happy with the savings this program has afforded us."

Ellen Bacarella


Business Manager

Eisenhower Public

Library District

"Like many libraries, our rates have been going up each year, even with no claims.  We have seen significant savings by joining the LIRA pool.  In addition, we’ve already had to submit our first claim, and it was handled quickly and smoothly.  I hope more libraries join the pool to further our purchasing power."

Jeannie Dilger

Library Director

La Grange Public Library

"Participation in LIRA gives Illinois libraries an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a collaborative endeavor that has the potential to affect significant cost savings over time. In these economic conditions when libraries face fierce competition for tax dollars and other fiscal challenges, it is a tremendous benefit."

Vickie L. Novak

Library Director

Glenview Public Library